Les Lauréats du Concours

Lauréats concours semaine des langues

Hello Everybody,

First of all we would like to thank you all for your involvement and the incredible productions of the pupils.

It has been such a brain teaser for the jury to decide about the winners and choose among all the various problems created. We have had to go through a precise grid of criteria and points to finally decide.

Each problem has been studied according to its presentation (originality, interest and meaning, presentation, linguistic correctness, degree of difficulty and resistance) and its oral performance (phonological correctness, fluidity, collective or individual performance, creativity and “mise en scène”).

All the problems will be soon accessible on the LV06 website, under the tab: semaine des langues 2021 – results and productions.


1st prize Ecole Daudet 1 Cagnes sur Mer CP Mme Dumont

Favorites of the jury

Ecole Maurice Alice Cannes  CP Mme Chalme

Ecole Pagnol Cannes CE1 Mme Vignon

Ecole Pagnol Cannes CE1-CE2 Mme Berriri


1st prize Ecole Pagnol Cannes CM1 Mme Dubbiosi

Favorites of the jury

Ecole S. Veil Nice 3 CM2 Mme Majde

Ecole St Roch Levens Nice 3 CM1 Mme Meddah

Ecole Tordo Tourrette Levens Nice 3 CM1 Mme Blanc

Coup de projecteur : le travail de la Classe ULIS

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